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The versatility of Raven brush strip seals and ease of installation makes them particularly suitable for sealing hard, flat surfaces and difficult applications such as sliding, revolving, pivot, roll-up and panel lift doors. Suitable for protection against smoke, draughts, light, dust, insects, bushfire embers and for energy retention, Raven nylon brush strips are ideal for heavy duty applications with tests proving minimal wear occurs over prolonged use.

Dense black nylon bristles are locked into a galvanised steel spine which is often fitted into an anodised aluminium holder. Raven brush strips are also available without the aluminium holders. Specify for example RP57 (brush only). Adhesive tape is standard on most holders for ease of installation.

Raven use special nylon filament due to its significantly superior performance over inferior materials such as polypropylene. Withstanding temperatures up to 200ºC for 30 minutes, Raven brush strips are self-extinguishing and can be used as a bushfire ember seal, up to BAL FZ for garage doors. Product selection should be made when assessing the mandated requirements of the NCC and Australian Bushfire Standard AS 3959.