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Combined intumescent smoke and fire seals which are heat activated. It is unobtrusively set into a machined groove (10x6mm) around the perimeter of timber frame or door edges. Dependent on application, fire ratings of one to four hours have been certified by fire door manufacturers using RP76 intumescent fire and smoke seals.

Location: Morticed into the door frame and around stiles and head.

Min/Max Gap: 3mm to 4mm

Finish: Cranberry red rigid PVC holder with intumescent infill.

Fixing: Self adhesive into a 10mm x 6mm groove. Note: Contact surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured.

Seal: Polypropylene pile ambient temperature smoke seal.

Sizes: 2100mm.

Fire & Smoke AUS/NZ: NCC Spec. C3.4. AS1530.4 & AS/NZS 1905.1. NZ BC Compliance Doc. C/AS1 6.19.2(a) & App. C6.1.1.
UK/EU: Approved Document B. (Tests above are similar to BS EN 1634-1 & BS 476 Pt. 20 & 22).
FRL & FRR-/240/60 and FD240.
Energy NCC Pt. & J3.4.


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