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A flame retardant TPE rubber compression seal ideal for smoke doors. The RP670 has a high resistance to permanent set (memory), is UV resistant and has an increased life cycle compared to traditional plastic covered foam strips.

Note: The seal only requires normal door closing forces.

Location: Door edges or door and window frames (user determined).

Min/Max Gap: Compression 1mm to 3mm.

Fixing: Push in locking fit into a 2.7mm x 6mm deep kerf groove.

Seal: Black TPE.

Sizes: Available in door set sizes or stock lengths.

Fire Flammability rating ≤ 5 when tested to AS1530.2.
Smoke NCC Spec. C3.4. AS1530.7 & BS EN 1634-3. Meets smoke leakage rates specified in AS6905 & EN 13501-2 “Sa”, “Sm”.
Energy NCC Pt. & J3.4


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