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A nylon brush strip seal with aluminium carrier that is ideal where larger gaps are encountered. The RP41 can be fitted to lintels of roll-up doors to help prevent the ingress of birds and wind blown embers in bushfire prone areas.

Note: Roll-up doors must have a fairly constant sealing gap when the door operates to avoid excessive flexing of brush filament.

Location: Bottom of single, double, revolving or sliding and double acting pivot doors. Lintels of roll-up garage doors or lintels and stiles of panel-lift garage doors. Suitable for hard, flat surfaces.

Min/Max Gap: 30mm to 50mm (user determined).

Finish: Satin clear (silver) anodised aluminium (15µm).

Fixing: Screw fix. Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws supplied.

Seal: Black fine, dense, UV stabilised nylon filaments.

Sizes: Available in stock lengths.

Fire Brush Strip flammability index 1 when tested to AS1530.2.
Energy NCC Pt. & J3.4.
when used on a garage in accordance with AS 3959.


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