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An intumescent fire seal enclosed in a rigid PVC casing for use on fire resisting doors and door frames. Available in a range of sizes, these intumescent seals are set into a morticed groove using an adhesive backing tape.

Location: Morticed into the door frame and around stiles and head.

Finish: Brown or white rigid PVC holder with intumescent infill.

Fixing: Self adhesive. Note: Contact surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured. Self adhesive seals will not adhere to oiled or alkyd finishes or to easy clean wash and wear paint surfaces.

Sizes: 2100mm.

Fire & Smoke AUS/NZ: NCC Spec. C3.4 for fire doors. AS1530.4 & AS/NZS 1905.1. NZ BC Compliance Doc. C/AS1 6.19.2(a) & App. C6.1.1.
UK/EU: Approved Document B. BS 476 Pt. 20 & 22, BS EN 1634-1.
FRL & FRR-/30/- and FD30.

RAVEN - RP1004

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