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Watering kit for 25 pots. Automatic watering – ideal for your patio pots and hedgerows. Saves time, water & effort keeping your garden watered.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automatically waters up to 25 containers. Ideal for watering new hedgerows too.
  • Includes the Select Controller, which has a manual watering function, allowing you to water whenever your plants need it. Includes 16 pre-set programs to supply water from once a week up to four times a day.
  • Saves time & effort keeping your garden watered
  • Drippers deliver water directly to the roots reducing water wastage
  • Easy to install as pipes can be easily cut and joined together depending on where you need to water
  • Regular focused watering keeps plants healthy and less prone to disease


SKU: 2804


Categories: Automatic Watering, Automatic Watering Kits, Watering


SKU: 2804
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